Architectural recreation critiques needed

hi i was trying to recreate a ruined palace and i’m doubtful on one aspect, which one do you think is more realistic/beautiful?. any ideas or critique are mostly welcome :sweat_smile:.
these are the remains form “ardashir palace”
unnamed (1)

and these are my modelings


Very nice. Can you show the shader tree

actually i haven’t done the shading yet :sweat_smile: but i think i’ll go with marble

I think you need to make the textures manually to get these type of finishing.

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so i modeled another column i feel like i’m over doing it :joy:

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Nice work so far!
The topology could use some work, but if you’re going to render a full scene like the photos you showed, it’s more about the bigger picture :slight_smile:

I’m sure a single beam of light coming down through the “oculus” in the roof will give a stunning result.

What I would like to recommend is already blocking out the scene with primitives, and lighting it.

This will help you do 3 things:
Find out the correct proportions of all the elements you have to model.
It will help you try out the lighting in advance, and you can start picking out camera positions.
Last, it will give you perspective on where you are in the project, and how much you still have to do.

Good luck!

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thanks so much! i did check the proportions from some maps and pictures and i agree the topology is unfortunately a bit messy :sweat_smile:

so modeling for the walls is almost done now

and i will share the blend file if any one is interested :sweat_smile:

some basic shaders so far

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not quite what i had in mind :thinking: any tips to make a mystical/ancient looking lighting?

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