Architectural Rendering (BlenderCookie contest)

Hello Guys! When I heard about the new BlenderCookie contest on Architectural_Rendering, I was very keen to create an architectural render (based on real life references) and to push my skills at a Photo-Realistic result. Until now I have an image that doesn’t look very awesome:

Now, these are the references that I found useful for this project:
NOTE: The reference images that you can see below are from a Swedish shopping center called Emporia.

I’m trying to achieve a Photo-Realistic result with a good composition and an interesting color scheme. This shopping center is going to be on a snowy winter scene to balance the strong use of yellow in the building, also I will add some nature on the left so the image can be more comfortable to look at.
I’ll really appreciate some advice! :slight_smile:

Here is an inside view of the second floor in the building (no windows):

Looks Great, i think the lighting will make it. If you look at my Zippo WIP you can see with the right lighting you can make some realistic renders.

Thank you for the advice! I’m going to change the lighting in this scene, since i’m only using a HDR sky.

Rendering took quite a bit here but, anyway I’ve added some dramatic lighting to bring up some detail on the image. Now I’m planning to add some ground to this scene.:wink:

I also noticed that in your references it seems that the building has a yellowish gold hue to it, not sure if this is the sun or the glass itself. i think if it was me i would use planes as lights because in the center of your second reference you can still see that whiteish reflectivity going on.

So I added some ground to this image! (Finally) I also tweaked the lighting a little bit, and later I will add some snow (hopefully)!

Okay! The snow and the nature in this image is done! Just a few modifications and this will be ready for a final render!

But, still, I don’t feel too strong about this image. Any advice?