architectural renderings

my latest render :o, it’s for a real project, i’m not totaly satisfied about the results so any any advice is more than welcomed

Are they actually textured? Doesn’t look like it. Looks more like WIP then a finished project.
The lighting is totally of. The sky looks like shortly after sunset but the building is brightly lit. Either change the time of day or adjust the coloring on the building.
What renderer did you use?

well… the commercial panels are textured and the part of the building on which they are placed is also textured (the band o light from each floor is a texture), the rest is not. I know that the background doesn’t fit with the light i used but that’s because my boss wanted that.
i used internal render with ambient occlusion.

I think there are several possible paths:

Is this a real commercial project or a student project? If it’s a student one, the clean, white flat aspect is graphically quite interesting, I would keep it so. As a student, you don’t need to achieve perfect “photo-like” result, and you are free to explore different graphical aspects. So, keep on! look at old-school hand-made renderings (early zaha hadid, bauhaus, kandinsky drawings…) and you might find much inspiration.

If this is a commercial one, hmm you could improve much. Basically your lighting must be redone. Texturing in my opinion is something you could refine later if your lighting is good. The main problem I see is this: Since you didn’t use directional lights but only ambient occlusion, you have no shadows on the facades. All sides of the building receive the same light. It is not realistic. I know that often, your boss will tell you: “don’t put anything in the shadow! I want to see all sides well!” But you must trick him! You must have shadows! The art is how to make shadows well. In real world, shadows are never black because the environment generates light that illuminates the black areas.

With blender renderer, we don’t have that function (called global illumination) so we must try to reproduce that with normal lights. So try this: 1) turn off AO. 2) place ONE light (sun?) to generate a nice (black) shadow. 3) turn AO back on 4) if AO cannot make the shadowed areas clear enough, add a weak lamp without shadow and without specular near the shadowed zones. I think you’ll begin to see what I mean.

Have a look at the finished works forums on, I think you’ll find good inspiration…

Looks cool, what was your brief? What were your influences?
Also, have you seen this? You might want to consider doing a camera shift to get parallel vertical lines (scroll down for ‘two point perspective’).

well it’s commercial the problem is I’m still learning how to do things in blender:o (an there was little time to test things), I’ll follow your advice and put some shadows into it (i wish blender had real gi, i’ve rendered an older project in kerkythea an the gi was great)
thanks for the advice i realy apreciate it
ps: wow you have some great renders on your site, i didn’t you could make that kind of rendering in blender

briefing? well i had to do the 3d model for the project (using the cad drawings) and make some suggestion to my boss regarding the shape of the building. i’m not sure about influences perhaps school or real projects in the past years.
thanks for the link very very useful:D

Well actually you could use yafray. IT has GI and can be used from inside blender. You need to tweak your light settings but since you only use AO you shouldn’t have that big a problem.

Rhaados. I see 2 things that you can still fix and keep your boss happy:

  1. Try to change AO [plain] to [sky color]…(i just guesed that it is on the plain) that will give to your building the sky reflection without making any shadows. Building will still be in the front spot and will look much better.
  2. Or try to find a lighter sky background…that can also work.
    The rest looks fine
    Also, if I were you I would add some street lights, just to add some more color and reality to the picture.