Architectural Renders

My website was updated with new 3d works in architectural visualization.


Amazing!! Thats all I can say

I like your site, and the renders as well!

hi thuleke,
nice work you’ve got there. i’m just wondering which part is blender? only modelling or also rendering for the exteriors? i remember having seen one interior in the blender gallery - i think it was rendered with indigo.

i’m just curious.

thank you all,
renderer 98% yaf(a)ray and yafray, 1% indigo, 1%blender

thanks for comment :slight_smile:


Thats an awsome website with great renderings.

You say 98% yaf(a)ray, any chance of seeing a screen capture of the settings used for one of the exterior renders? Or a rough explanation on acheiving such results with yaf(a)ray?


1 lamp sun, tinted orange (little).
My settings for exterior images with Yaf(a)ray:



O.O Those are probably the best architectural renders i’ve ever seen! Simply AMAZING!

I find myself very confused by these images to be honest, in terms of technical modeling skill they are great, in terms of photorealism they fall short, in terms of illustration they are perfect, the figures are wonderful in terms of gesture, looks like Daz 3d.

I have to ask though, who is paying for all of this and who lives in these boxes? this is the same fire-place-flat-screen-square-sofa rendering we see endlessly and you do it very well but I would personally would never live in such a inhuman space.

Anyway, great work :slight_smile:

Superb illustration renders, the people are photos that are post pro’d in yes?

Nice renders Thuleke, I believe you do a great arquitectural stuff!