Architectural scene

Quite new to blender, would need critique of this scene I made. It is important as my focus is architectural renderings and all feedback would be appreciated.
thx :wink:


I would recommend watching some videos from blender guru on setting up scenes. This has no focal point and the building doesn’t make sense. Two stories and the second story is completely blocked off. How do you get up stairs? The doors or windows need some work and the interior needs some more detail.
Don’t give up. It helps to understand how things are actually put together in order to correctly model something that looks real. IE doors windows, building spaces and lighting. Good luck

I think it is a good artwork just a few things to say… 1. I would love to know how you got that grass because It looks really nice the only problem is that it looks almost too nice so it is unrealistic. My suggestion would be to use something like Blender Guru’s Grass essentials because that is a good and easy way to get nice grass (it is quite intense on the computer though). Here:
is a link to the very first architecture render that I did so you can see. But second thing like micahman5000 said it does look life an impractical house to actually live in. But don’t give up because I would suggest going to Houzz which is a good website that has home designs on it, then from that website you can get some ideas for some better houses. Anyway its a great start and good luck in the future.

I enjoy seeing people getting into Arch Viz…it’s one area where you can literally see your own improvements from one project to the next, especially if you follow advice on this site. In addition to the others’ advice, I would suggest raising the camera to mimic a person’s point of view from the courtyard (+/- 5.5’). It appears that we are seeing the scene through the eyes of something only about 2-3’ off of the ground, which makes the scene a bit confusing. If you are going to use outdoor lighting, I suggest making this an evening/night scene and really play up the lighting aspect; lights on in a daytime scene rarely gets the job done. On that note, what are these giant lights for? It might make mores sense if you have a patio or outdoor room that needs to be lit. Last bit of advice is to add grunge or dirt to all of the wall surfaces. Blender Guru has some good tutorials on this. Good luck and keep us updated!

I agree that the grass looks too uniform, try varying the length of it using vertex groups/weight paint to modify particle/hair length. I would also do the same for color to add some extra variation. What I’d also like to see is some sort of ledges on top and on the bottom of the brick walls so that they dont just look like cubes/planes.
That being said, I do love the concept of the building and render, I’m looking forward to seeing the final result!