Architectural Structure

This is something i did in a last few days… actually HIX wanted this done and i thought it wud be a cool exercise for me to test my skills…

of course, modelled and also rendered in Blender… with ambient occlusion…

c & c welcome… especially i would want to know how to make the glass emit lighter (softer) shadows than that of other objects coming under the same lamp… thanks…

p.s. thanks to HIX for instructions and input… and also a few edits in the model… =)


Nice modeling and well rendered.
Very inspiring…thanks for posting it.

hmm yea… i think i remember something like this but with very strong colours and much simpler shape… maybe someone else did it

good work though - :smiley:

thanks guys! :smiley: … any tips for the glass question? :expressionless:

why dont you guys checkthe works in progress section and search for the kami file…

Very nice. One thing that I think could be better is a nicer camera angle.

Render looks pretty nice.

Cool but I think it needs better lighting (and more interesting camera angle, as someone mentioned). AO as the main light is pretty boring in the long run, look how the original has warmer color and cool shadows.

thanks guys… i know the camera angle isnt perfectly attractive :slight_smile: but i wanted to show the whole geometry…

for the lighting, yes, thats where i m stuck… i mean if i follow the more traditional light setup, i end up with dark shadows even from glasses… check the attached image for what i m trying to say… so any tips on how to make the shadow of the glass a bit less intense… ?

thanks :slight_smile:


kam, i’m telling you to use the file i addapted to the original of my sister, have look in theworks in progress section under kami.

ohkai… :slight_smile:

this is better for instance