Architectural Subdiv Modelling and use of Lattice

I am now conceptualizing and designing a building with an organic form.
The use of a Lattice to control and reshape a form non-destructively is priceless, in this process for me.

I am finding editing the lattice somewhat tiring because of lack of tools that are available for vertex editing of a mesh, for example:

  • cannot select edges (not that there are physical edges, but it is a useful grouping of vertices)
  • cannot select connected vertices, shortest-path using the Ctrl key
  • maybe having pseudo faces on the outside skin of the lattice would help manipulation - of course I can’t
    In fact pretty much the only way to select vertices is individually, while manipulation often requires selecting clusters.

I think this is more a gripe than it is a question or need of support.
However if you do have an easier way, am I missing something? please tell