Architectural visualisation

I want to show a project I working on since one month. I’m very interested in architectural visualisation so I try to learn it professionally.
The trees are from the Blender greenhouse. The textures are from CG-Textures and the sky is by Valentijn Kint.
It was rendered using Cycles. Postproduction was mostly done in Blender and just a small correction in GIMP.
I hope you like it. Feel free to critisize. :slight_smile:
A WIP thread is in the german blendpolis-forum:
Regards, floric


Cool. Beautiful grass there.

It’s a nice breezy scene, I wish it was summer already… :slight_smile: The grass looks nice and the lights… I feel though that you could show more, both from the house and scenery. From an archviz point of view, you are just revealing a terrace and a bit of wall - in shadow and featuring what looks like a bathroom window. The eye gets drawn to the bright parts of the image - pool and seascape but there the bulky planters and trees stand right in the way. Maybe you could try moving the trees to the right so they frame the sea view.
I hope the critics didn’t sound too bad, you certainly have a good scene there to work on.
I wonder how you managed to render the grass with Cycles, is it all converted to mesh?

Good work Floric, and I agree with Oanav.
Could you please share some insight on the grass? Is it mesh-based or hair? What are the particle settings?
Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your comments. :slight_smile: Yes, the plants could be changed a little bit. But I want to go on working on the interior in this scene. :wink:

The gras was modelled by modelling one stalk and duplicating this one, modifying it and duplicating this little group again, and so on.

Here is the material of the gras:

Here are the particle settings:

If you still have questions, feel free to ask. :wink:
Regards, floric

EDIT: It’s no hair. Because it shouldn’t become an animation I decided to use a common particle system with end and beginning for emission at frame 1.