Architectural visualization - EKÓ house

Hi everyone!

I´ve made this animation for a student competition. the idea is to explain the dinamic of the outdoor spaces and make it look nice

the book and the cup are from blendswap, the 3d plant is from yorik’s blender greenhouse
You can see the entire video here:

feel free to give a honest feedback!!
thanks a lot

nice work is it low poly

well the house in itself has about 4000 polys, but 30000 with the verandas
the more complex object are the plants, the rest come from an extruded cube :slight_smile:
the wood of the verandas is a simple tube with some loop cuts
and as you can see the trees are planes

Thats cool, are you actually planning on making the house too? Teams of engineering students would compete in competitions like that at my alma mater

The lighting is nice. Good work

hopefully the house will be built next year in madrid
i’m planning to make a walkthrough showing the interior of the house and the construction process