Architectural Visualization House WIP. Tips for extra realism

Hi there, I am new here. I recently made this architectural scene of a family home with garden. Critique on how to improve realism is much appreciated. Scene Design is still in progress. This is the first render without any post processing. Thanks for the replies in advance. Keep on blending guys. :star_struck:

Hey, don’t(!) be too hard on yourself concerning this one! To my eyes, it is right now extremely good. :+1:

To my way of thinking, “arch-viz” is to help the prospective homeowner see what the completed house might look like – and, of course, to do so in a very appealing way. What you show here is certainly very appealing, and it is also abundantly clear. I can instantly see what the architect has in mind – and, I want to buy it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply and the kind words, I greatly appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I am always trying to improve myself and my visualisations and with this specific piece I just can’t get the last bit of hyperrealism. You know those Visaulizations where you can´t tell it’s a rendering? That’s where i’d like to get, but sadly don’t know where to start :woozy_face:
Thanks a lot for the Feedback, it really helps :blush:. I have difficulties rating my own works and am trying to start commercially with Blender soon.

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