Architectural Visualization in Game Engine

Hello Blender artists,

I have been working in the architectural visualization field for a while now. I had an idea to put my models in the game engine where my clients can move around and interact with the models.

I have never worked before with blender game engine. Can you please direct me where I can find good tutorials or knowledge resource.

finally I would like to give an example of what I am looking for to achieve in order to get the right direction.
simply I would model a house or a building and I would like my client to move around the building or the house.

Thanks in advanced for those who will help.

Attached is a basic navigation template.
With your mouse in the 3D window press P to start the game engine, then use the following commands (can be easily customized):

numpad 2/8: bwd/fwd
page up/dn: up/down
numpad 4/6: yaw right/left
keyboard arrows: pitch and roll

If you are happy with this approach, you can delete the existing objects and import your architectural environment.
Ask for further instructions, if needed.

BasicNavigationTemplateGame.blend (362 KB)

You can check this website: