Architectural visualization - residence - autumn

Hi all,

This is my first project rendered by vray.

Project is personal. I was trying to recreate Weston Residence. I used Blender, VRay and Photoshop.
Feel free to crticize here or on my website:

amazing rander, love the lightning.

and a happy new year :smiley:

Very nice! I agree, the lighting is really nice. :slight_smile:

How you create grass? Particle system? :slight_smile:

I modeled few bunches of grass, then I used Particle System. It is important to use children, because RAM usage is significantly less. In this case I used Interpolated mode, 1000 children where number of particles was 2000.

Good work! Bunches of grass isn’t convert in v-ray proxy e then scattered by particle?

Yes, I used Vray proxies for grass and trees. It’s shame cycles hasn’t this option because working using proxies on complex scene is much faster.

Nice render!