Architectural visualization

Hello everyone. I am intermediate in blender but I am new in ahitectural visualization. Can you help me with this. How can I improve the first model to look like second one. I need exactly the same look. I did it as I could but now I stuck and I need help.

Ummmm… you did it quite well! In context and with lighting it will look very-very close.
A few more wrinkles, fabric detail and lens focus effect, maybe will trick you enough to even think it’s a photo.
Then again as an architect, I don’t think archviz is about a few wrinkles, but about conveying the spirit of a design (realistically where it matters!)

Another consideration if you are wondering how well you modeled, is how high poly count, how good is your topology, how flexible is it to edit. (try putting 10-20 heavy assets in a scene…)

As said by Csimeon, the model is great, just add a little more wrinkles and some minor distortion and it’ll be perfect :slight_smile:

From what I can tell the answer lies not in the model, it’s fine. (If anything in that regard just more randomness, which can likely be done with displacement via a texture.) The difference now is just in the texturing and lighting.