Architectural Viz

I’m getting close on this one. I’ve been working on it off an on for a couple years, never really getting a chance to but the hours into that are neccesary. Still needs some texture work and some more furniture.

The whole house has been modeled. I hope to finish all the rooms over Christmas break. At 4 hours a frame to render though I think that animation is out of the question at this point.

I came up with these plans while I was taking some architechture courses.

Beautiful. I especially like the picture window through the kitchen, and the ceiling vault and skylights. It has some real seeming touches - the kitchen wall coming directly out of the roof beam for example.


Really good, i like the roof timbers and metal plates especially and i know what you mean about finding time to finish work off.

A few crits:

The lighting feels a little dark and orange tinged but then there’s a lot of wood in your room. Not sure about the wood texture on the arched window frames, looks like it needs to run vertically rather than horizontal. Same for the arm chair on the right.

The strong bright light outside the windows would I guess flood light into the room but it doesn’t, not sure of the term, volumetric? Where you’d see dust particles in the air?

Perhaps some views outside would negate the need for that sort of effect.

The light shines in and reflects on the floor from the far window but no light appears to light the interior from the side windows.

Maybe add some day to day items into the room, it feels a bit unused, i don’t know like a bowl of fruit on the table, a newspaper on the chair.

Really good.