Architecture Academy Winner

Hey Everybody! i Won the architecture academy competition :smiley: check out the post here: and the render :smiley:

I am 14 and have been using blender for just under 2 years. i spent a long time saving up for the academy so i am very happy it worked out :smiley:

you are 14??? I can’t even imagine what your renders will look like when you will be 24 :smiley:
you are really talanted.
and congratulations !!! :slight_smile:

It is achivement.

Congratulations! You really deserve it. It looks awesome! I love the soft lighting. :slight_smile:

lovely work! keep it up! I’m interested to see what you will do in the future! :slight_smile:

Very nice scene. Well done

Well, that’s some hard work there! congrats!
And so as it’s said, β€œIn[B] souls [B]nob[B]ly [B]born,[B] valour does not depend upon age.”


Thanks :smiley: this means a lot to me!

thank you :’)

hehe thanks :smiley: can’t wait to do more

thank you, me too :smiley:

thank you soo much. you guys give me such great support :’)

Lovely render. Materials, lighting and composition are great. A real advert for what can be achieved with Blender.

Congrats! wow, 14, you have a lot of talent, so stick with the CG will make both successful and happy! looking forward to see your next projects.

stunning for a 14 yo, very good for 24 yo, you are talented for sure.

Dude! Congratz on the feature! Hehe! And just think, I’m the friend of a famous Blender Artist! XD And I knew you when you was practically a noob! XD 3 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe! Congratz!

Congrats Mason, Keep up the good work.

Great job, Mason. I hope I can get this good in my next year of leaning Blender!

U did a great job I am also 14 I am using blender since 4 months now . ur Render is so realistic. All the best for ur future

I wanna be this good too! XD