Architecture: Amphitheater

i had this in the regular WIP section and i wasn’t getting much feedback on it. Hopefully i’ll get some more crits in here.

if you want to check out the earlier pics you can do so here:

its going to be a night scene, ill show a shot that will include a lake in the background reflecting the moon, so if it looks darl, its supposed to be that way. of course, if a part looks too dark, even for nighttime, tell me so.

here is the latest:

Any crits (any!) are appreciated.

Not too dark. Looking good.
I will check it again when there
might be a lake and moon.

Very interesting design.

But, you may want to adjust it a bit. If I’m not making it up, I believe the traditional half shall shape of an amphitheater is for the acoustics. So an amphitheater shaped like that not really help the sound coming from the musicians, which defeats the purpose of having an amphitheater rather than just a simple stage of a flat platform.

You probably know this already and I’m being nitpicky about realism.

An amphitheater actually just has to be outside with seats rising around it in a circle. I’ve performed in one myself that was actually just a stage with nothing above or around it for accoustics.

I’ve also performed in one like this that was covered with a wall behind but nothing on the sides. The curved wall and roof combination in this image should increase the presence of the lower instruments in an orchestra even though there are no walls on the sides of the theater.

I would suggest putting long banners spaced fairly distantly apart on the back wall. I think it would add a little life to the scene.

Overall it’s very good though. I really like it.