Architecture animation flickering problem


I’m working on a short animation and I have a strange problem.
As the camera passes by the buildings on the right side the edge of the roof/wall
produces a strange effect. It is not exactly flickering it is more like the movement is not
smooth. I tried with some motion blur but no much luck.
If you have any ideas I would be more than grateful.


Link to video:
Password: csillag2018

Could be a lot of things. Shaders with light dependent reflections like noise, lighting shifts, camera clipping, duplicate geometry, GPU drivers, smooth and flat shading on faces or models, etc., come to mind off the top of my head. Maybe a blend would help.

More fps or even stronger motionblur, the camera moves quite fast.
I think the shading of the buildings is ok, last building in the row does not flicker/move…

Thanks, I’ll go check them.

Thanks, I’ll make a stripped version of the blend ASAP.
We don’t go so close to the last building maybe that’s why it does not have the problem…

I have the blend file here. (The buildings only)
Thanks in advance!

Check your modeling first. Here is how to see it. Select one part of your building parts and put it on its own layer. You can put the camera in that layer as well. Turn on matcap. Select a nice shiny surface. Switch to layer that has the one part of the model on it. Play it in camera view and you will see a lot of flickers. This is indicating to you your mesh is an issue. You have intersecting parts and that causes Z fighting. You have too many and too large of triangles. Blender likes quads (then when it renders it knows how to make them triangles all by itself, otherwise it just guesses if it is an ngon or triangle each frame). Add each part of your model into a different layer and then switch to that layer and play your animation and you will start to see the modeling issues. So my suggestion to start with is fix your modeling. Just worry about the parts that you think are an issue.

Once you do that you are then in a position to start testing other aspects like shading, shadows, etc. You noticed it mostly on your right side since that is where the shading will change very abruptly, but it is everywhere, you just happen to disguise it by putting something in front of it that just happened to work by hiding it.

Thanks a lot! (In fact the model is not mine - comes from the Archicad model of the project :-/)