Architecture - Bathroom

well i felt like a change from the fantasy stuff so i thought i’d do something a bit realistic for a change…very much WIP so crits are very welcome, i’m looking to add this to my folio so I want to get it close to photorealistic…i know its a ways off yet.


[ps] - i know about the lack of locks on the doors :slight_smile:

The colors look good, and it’s progressing well.

So here are the crits (of course!)

The sink metal parts should be a lot shinier. Most are fake chrome plated so they need to be more reflective.

6 sinks? I’ve never seen a bathroom that is almost all sinks like this, but hey I grew up in the Midwest…Maybe cut out some of the sinks. Or maybe not? Perhaps this is a ladies bathroom?

If this is a ladies room than what is the glass wall for at the end of the sinks?

It’s always hard to make things photoreal. The problem is we tend to get caught up in the details, and miss the bigger picture, that the scene itself has problems. The architecture itself should be accurate first, and then the materials and lighting can come second. It’s really the only way, since our eyes and brain have certain expectations. For example, when I walk into a Men’s bathroom, I expect to see urinals, at least 3 of them in a bathroom this size. And usually there is about one sink per urinal. Also, paper towel dispensers, etc. And maybe a doorstopper even somewhere by the wall that the janitor uses (although you don’t need this since we are looking in the door).

Now for materials - sinks are shiny. All bathroom metal parts are shiny. Really shiny, unless they have water stains on them. Also, the paint of the stalls is rarely perfect, and the floor will usually have some paper towel on it, around the trash can, where people missed. All of these small details are what dupe the eye into believing it’s real. Don’t get caught up in the technical aspects, such as “well, I need this much more light, or this material is .08 spec”, it really needs to be an artist thing…

You have excellent modeling so far, just need to add a few things, the sinks are nice but too many, whats with the glass wall on the end, and yes you need those door locks ! :wink:


looks fine to me, needs some lights i the ceiling, and some soap dispensers, but nice job.

I like it. I would just point out that it’s unusual to have wood brick tiles in a bathroom’s ground.