Architecture Env Game Art for an RPG AAA fantasy title

Project Type:
Game Environment Art for a AAA fantasy title


joinus(at) , PM me, or reply to this thread. Please link to your portfolio!

We are looking for:
Full time Architecture Artists (model medieval village huts to epic castles and dungeons)
Remote freelance / Inhouse positions available.

Project term:
From now until mid 2023.


Project Description:
Co-Dev project. AAA Fantasy game for major Japanese publisher. Target Platforms: PS5, Series X and PC.

Discussed individually and based on industry experience and portfolio

Please look at the art dumps from God of War and Assassins Creed: Valhalla to get an idea of the general quality level we’re looking for.

Shapefarm is looking for creative and driven artists to help our architecture team to model and assemble high quality game assets. We want you to be available full time, and preferably long term. If you have a strong portfolio and experience with both Blender and modern game engines, we would love to talk to you!

The game is a AAA Co-op Open-world Action-RPG. Kind of like Dark Souls but with friends. Create a character, join friends in one of the many hub-areas, then venture out on epic adventures in the dangerous wilds. Craft, take shelter, master your skills, and trust your friends to survive and succeed.

The style of the world is heightened realism, comparable to Horizon Zero Dawn, but characters and enemies are cel-shaded. Our Art Direction and lighting is inspired by Romantic landscape paintings, where every storm is epic, and every sunset awe inspiring.

The game is set in large open-world areas, each with different nature, climate, cultures, stories, quests, and enemies.

The game is a re-imagination of a well known Anime IP. We have a lot of freedom to use our imagination and be creative with the IP. We are working together with a Japanese game developer as a co-dev where we make the art, art direction, worldbuilding and audio, and they take care of the gameplay. We are backed by a large and well-known publisher.

More specific info after signing an NDA.


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