Architecture - First exterior scene on blender

Hello Guys !

I’ve got some house blueprints and tought it would be cool to make an image out of them, so i opened blender and start modeling, so here is the first polys !

Actually i’m working on the composition so here is a try, tell me what you think of it :wink:

Wassim !

Hello guys !

I’ve worked a little bit more on the composition and the framing, and here is the point i’m at for now :

Also i started working on the materials, i’m using Cycles as a render engine.

Any critics, commentary, remarks etc…are welcome, so don’t hesitate :wink:

Use your eyes instead of those composition guides! There is two much empty space on the left side of the frame - the composition is unbalanced.

@maraCZ you are right man ! Taking another look to the image made me feel the imbalance of it ! New renders ASAP :wink:

Hello guys !

I’ve worked a bit on the project these few past days, here is what i’ve come across, i have no idea on what to put on the background, and there still a little work on some details

I hope you will like this one :wink:

Looks great. Recommend some variation of grass length or an area of interest in the very front. Be sure to look up ideas for backyard design. House and pool idea is great but it feels blank on the lower or the closer portion of the frame.

Or… Could cheat and frame in more of the house. I love cheating :wink:

Thanks RodDavis ! I hope you only cheat in computer graphics lol !
I agree with your remarks, i’m going to search for a more balanced image, and what you think could fit in the background ? I’m out of ideas !

The grass/lawn could use more detail. Try adding some landscaping details or a worn out dirt path, for instance.

I recommend Pinterest! So many real life outdoor and indoor DIY’s to start up your ideas. Think like if you are making a realistic scene with just ideas. What would you put in your backyard if you had the space? I mean budget wise if you had a home like this. Walkable path, play area for your kids, or maybe a fancy Gazebo? Ideas are limitless!

I don’t know if you did this already, but use normal, specular, and displacement maps with your textures. I would zoom into the house a bit more, and perhaps make smoke come out of the chimney with a quick simulation. You could also use depth of field to blur the foreground plants out of perspective. I would recommend using an HDRi (idk if the white stuff to the left of the house is clouds? If so, make them more visible). Great modelling. I suggest you adjust your window’s material, as-is it looks like someone hotboxed the interior. The little props around the house look great. One more thing- the backyard platform overhangs over the grass, so you can try weight-paint that area and assign it to a brownish color, since grass doesn’t grow well without sunlight.

Thank you guys for all of your ideas ! I’m gonna take a look at Pinterest as suggested by RodDavis, and try to come up with something interesting :wink: