Architecture greek echinus how to draw?

anybody knows how to draw a greek echinus ?

i know how to draw the standard echinus but this one is irregular
and don’t know how to draw it ?

any help appreciated


Picture would help, but perhaps make the profile out of curves first, however if you are talking about the complex ones, this would take a little work.

i got the onstruction lines for the standard echinus
but not for the greek one which appears to be a lot more elongated

i did search the net but did not find anything on that one!

sorry could not upload du to some changes done lately in forum
have to see how you can upload now !


Are you talking about the Ionic order or the Corinthian order? For both of them goes that there is not a single standard shape, but their main proportions have been described multiple times, amongst others by Vitruvius.

cannot load pic anymore here don’t know how

here is link

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If you want it round, just make the shape and spin it. If you want it flat, just make the shape and extrude it. Here’s a 3 minute version. The radius can be anything of course, it just depends on where your cursor is when you spin it.


Echinus.blend (300 KB)

i’m doing it in a script
so need a procedure or math model to make it

but i think i can modify my echinus and transform it like a greek echinus
but this is more like a work around then an exact math model

but there must be a specific way to make this

still trying to figure out how to upload pictures here!


anybody knows how to draw a greek echinus ?

I simply answered your question. Take the time to be specific if you want specific answers.

The round shape looks kinda like a part of an archimedean spiral, which is fairly easy to create using polar coordinates.

Try to plot some function of Theta like Theta, Theta^2 and Theta ^(1/2) and see if any of those comes close to what you want.

the archimedean spiral is a ggod math work around!

in the sense that these shapes where done 1000 years ago and done only with some basic tools like square ruler line/rope and compas

i mean there must ahve been a specific way to get the same shape all the time

and polar equations did not exist at the time and neetiher the PC ! LOL

but i’ll look at the polar equations to see if a spiral might do the trick !


i mean there must ahve been a specific way to get the same shape all the time

Templates. A drawing was produced, a template was made, or more likely many (a negative of the shape), and when masons carved stone, the work was checked against the template. Lots and lots of templates. It’s how hand carvers, furniture makers and craftsmen of all kinds (not using computer aided machines) work, and will always work.

You could try the golden spiral, which both can be drawn using a rope/compass, and has an exact mathematical formula.

look at first picture for echinus

there are construction lines for making it!
so it was not a template at least for the first one!

and don’t remember reading that 1000 years ago template where use
even for stone they where marking it with simple tools like compas rule ect i think

it’s the only way to get the proper proportions and scale to whatever size is required

ounce you made one then if it needs to be repeated a template is very useful and faster then trying to re calculate and draw the same shape again and again

this is considering your using the same measure which was a major problem back then in middle ages!
i mean every country or local area had their own way to measure things
saddly foot and meter did not exist as we know it now a day!

i would call this standarisation which did not really exist in middle ages! LOL

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Maybe as you don’t want to model this structure but in fact script it instead with mathematical formulas, you should ask in the scripting and coding forum, not in the modelling one.

not asking about how to scritp it !

looking for the basic classical model itself
and how it was done so i can reproduce it with precision!


I modeled it in post # 6. Oh well.

i saw this post

but that;s was not my question

it was more what was the procedure used a few 100’s ago that was used to produce this shape!
so i can remake it like it was with same proportions
wihout looking at an image!

thanks anyway

You don’t understand. Greeks used ovals, or to be more precise, elipses in their architecture. Romans used circles. An elipse has two axies: A major and a minor. You seem to want this to be a big deal, but it’s not. Greeks did not have math as we have it today. They had no zero, and only whole numbers. Everything was drawn and measured using geometry.

If you want to learn to make this exact shape using the exact techniques they used, research Greek architecture. Or, you can use a perfectly well made drawing, and model based on it.

Greek architecture is complex, I warn you. It’s not the study of 10 minutes. You will have difficulty learning how to make only one shape without learning geometry.

I forgot to ask, but in which monument, ancien or modern can this specific echinus be observed in reality ?

I looked through google, but the only greek echinus i found were from the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders

None of them looks like the picture from RickyBlender post up there.

The picture seems to be a variant of the Doric order, but the proportions look rather off.

An echinus is a type of moulding. It’s basically an oval.

Just learn to construct an oval. That’s what it is.