Architecture / Interactive walkthrough (Update 12/10/05)

Work recently moved frome the focused critique forum.
More information here.

Ok the development of the dynamic part is freezed.
Now i work on the first real model of great building : The Schroder House (Gerrit Rietveld-1925)

The modeling of the house is finished. It remains me to work on textures, lights, furnitures and outside (garden, street…) before working on the scenario of the analysis and integration with the dynamic part.
I will post each one of these stages here so wait…


That’s really nice, very well detailed…I guess it helps that you’ve got the blueprints…keep it up!

Very nice, I love architecture… I have to ask, why was it moved from the Focused Critique forum?

Perhaps i have badly understood… but the focused critique forum must be reserved for those which have precise question. It is not my case for the moment. Perhaps it is an error… :-?

Nah. The focused critique forum is for those that want constructive feedback and critiques instead of the usual fanboy comments. Anyway for your work, either forum is fine.

btw, I very much like where you are going with this.

Hi !

Some pictures of the second floor with some pieces of furniture


Nice lighting. Is that rendered with yafray? How did you set up the lights?

I like the external views.
But don’t forget to smooth the circular hole in the second internal view.

I do not use yafray, only traditional lighting and AO !
Ok ! thank you


When You use YafRay especially interior renders look better :).

Hi !


Well i agree with you but for this work YafRay is out…why ?
I think is really important to keep in mind what is the goal of your work. In this case my aestetic goal is not the photorealism. I want something very simple, minimalist (like this test).
Only the luminous and color environments are important for a good comprehension of the architectural project…and, yes, some information about materials, but nothing more (something like real architectural model made with paperboard. Very simple but effective). All the details will be presented by photographic images, sketches…

Now last precision i used only prerendered images for my architectural walkthrough.I can achieve my goal more quickly without using YafRay…


Can you tell us how do you light your model to bake the textures?

Thank you very much!

Or any tut about it?

At first glance I had thought you had built in a elevator. This isn’t as uncommon as you may think in houses. At second look though the stairs you have are bit tight. You may need to rework them a bit to get the rise/run so that it’s easier for people to use them. You may also want to put in a handrail for those on the stairs. Stairs really need to be user friendly (width excludes the space beside the handrail) as you can’t walk there so this space is added to the spec width of the stairs to make them accessable. Especially for a spiral staircase. The rise is reduced because of the rotation of the stairs (increasing the number of steps).

You could perhaps concider an elevator for the home. This would have the added benifit of making it wheelchair accessable increasing it’s marketablilty… This goes well with the minimalist design as those in a wheelchair don’t have a great need for added furniture and perhaps it would be a greater hinderance then help in a home… Many people could benefit from this though and it’s gotta be a big plus in a design. Concidering the depth of the design it would perhaps fit in nicely. Just a thought.

The exterior design is very striking. I like the minimalist idea. You do need to add some warmth to the home though perhaps hardwood floors or stuckode wall surface to give it a bit of texture.

Looks like a great design. I also love architecture. It’s been an interest of mine since highschool drafting days. Many moons ago…


hey Tomiuss i really like your atitude, and how u put in words what in work is really important: to keep in mind what is your goal. Perfect. Thank u

This is not a new design , but an actual building (ie: it has been built) from the 1920’s / 1930’s if I remember correctly, from one of the masters of the modernist movement in architecture ie: Ritvelt. The original poster just wants to reproduce it with blender. So it would be a little bit out of context if he manipulated the building to meet contemborary standards.

Can you tell us where is comming from the original mesh (wich software) or you did everything in blender.
Because to me is really important that , I am working in autocad and it take a while to bring all the meshes to blender from it.