Architecture : loft.

Hello !

First, i’m french so sorry if my english is bad, i learn :smiley:

It’s my first thread on this forum, and it seems to be really cool :slight_smile:

So : this is my first architectural project using Blender and Cycles : a loft/office ? ^^

A bad quality image (I will try to make a high quality render, but my pc is a little bit sick :frowning: So sorry for the noise :wink:

What do you think about it ?

Thanks !


It looks nice! i would like to see a close up and less noisy image.

Thanks :wink:

What part of the room you want in close up more ? :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool
lighting could use some more work
And the whole scene is just too far away…

I think the composition would benefit from a portrait/vertical shape. A reflective floor, lower camera angle and fewer images on the bookshelf would make the image more about the architecture. Right now, we want to see the details because there are so many - your focus is on that great angle of light! Though your computer might complain, let the floor reflect it to create a diamond and draw our attention away from the details that aren’t architectural. Make it a place we want to be instead of things we want to see. Your work is already really good! I hope your computer feels better soon.

Thanks for your comments :wink:

I forgot to say that i have a model :

But with your comments, i think the composition could be better.
So I will try to follow your advice, and i’ll show you the result :wink:



I love the lighting. Great render! :smiley:

That said, I do think there is too much clutter. If you focused on simplifying things a bit I think it would be even better.