architecture medieval dark ages

anybody knows some of the medieval architeture design

i’m trying to find how to for certain object wich are not define in wikipedia
terms like = cymatium - gutta - taenia ect…

help would be appreciated


On the german Wikipedia i found this:
also i have a book about european castles but that would not help at all.

i don’t read German sorry

if wikipedai had it it would be fantastic - i did find a lot but some of the minor details are kind of not yet complet - may be later it will be added


See if this site helps:

Anytime I am looking for something scholarly online, i set Google to search for only .EDU domains and the term (in this case Medieval Architecture). Colleges tend to have loads of info online, but they do not pop-up at the top of a regular Google search.

it’s good for terms usage
but i need some of the finer details which i did not get precise info in wikipedia
mind there is a lot of general info and i beginning to model - but in the finer details the picture and drawing i got where not high resolution and it’s difficult to estimate the size or depth of things
i’ll try on the web it;s possible i can find more info!


the details are hard to get
but i’m slowly advancing the 3D model
see pic

Wikipedia does have it. In English. This is not medieval or dark ages architecture, it is classical Greek architecture.

that picture contains several model of the calssical and Greek period

but i have others for the old Egyptian era

i want to ahve serveral of the different type of columns which is not easy to model when
you have only low res picture in wikipedia - i wish a was in old countries to take my own pic
high res from several sodes would be easier to model.

as i said some of the low res pic don’t show with detials all the little gadgets so i have to guess what it is size and shape in 3D

it’s fun to model theses little things from the pass