Architecture modeler wanted


I am currently working on a few Blender scripts which, when used together, will give a user ability to create detailed building models fast and with minimal effort.

The idea behind this is to provide library of many architectural forms of excellent quality together with the scripts so a user will be able to “compose” her own building using very fast and simple workflow while still maintaining good quality of the final building model. Huge amount of different forms will allow a user to easily achieve original look for her buildings.

By ‘architecture forms’ I mean such things like windows, doors, arches, cornices, roof tiles etc. For every type of form I am going to create corresponding add-on: so for example I will create the add-on for fast windows placement on walls etc.

To sum up: the entire product will consist of two components: scripts and the library of architectural forms (note that those components might be distributed independently).

I have already created the first script from this set: Tiler Add-on for fast tiles generation.

Functionality of the next script I am currently working on is the fast cornice generation and placement on the building walls. Below you can watch the simple demo of the very early version of the script:

I am currently looking for a person who would like to work on architectural forms modeling. My proposition is that you create good quality models and I take care about coding side of the project and together we may create very interesting and useful tool. What do you think?

Good day

Im interested in this project. its the kind of Add On I wish was already available . it is what ive been looking for … my request is you involve me on the coding side ( love to learn ) …

Well I’m not exactly a good modeler nor a proficient coder but I would absolutely love something like this. If you need some help from a low quality modeler I might be able to render my services. Just PM me if you need me.

Thanks for your offers, I would love to work with you guys, but the problem is that for now I don’t have much time I could spend on teaching :frowning: That is why I am currently looking for professionals only.

despite your lack of time im still interested to do the models for you… what is the next strep ?

I am not a professional, but I could certainly help considering I essentially only do architectural stuff in blender. I can submit some of my works if needed, but this is an addon I would LOVE to see in blender so I am eager to help.

R.A.M.S, MajorGoob, thank you for your commitment! Could you send me your exemplary models at PM?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Glukoz, this sounds like the exact thing that would be great for me to further my arch modeling. I would love to not only help but share and collaborate with you on my projects. You would be a great match as we have a modeler (me) and a great Unity/Web/IT coder (my friend). Having an intermediate would be super beneficial to our end goal (business-wise). Let me know.


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