Architecture Modelling 101

When modelling for a 3D architectural visualisation (photorealistic) should I model curved walls and arches with a high polycount of can this be smoothed out later in the modelling process using subsurfing and such?

So far when I’ve applied subsurfing (experimentally!) there doesn’t appear to be a way to limit the subsurf to a specific part of a mesh (though I’m so new to this that there probably is I just don;t know it !)

thanks in advance!

Sub-surf would be applied to the entire mesh. Your best bet would be to model the curved section with more polys, or model with Extruded bezier curves to begin with. Google found Blender and Architecture. There have been some nice tutorials posted recently, that might help you out.

yeah i’m working through a pretty good tutorial, but in the example there are no curved walls or archways, me being overzealous I guess trying to include them, but hey, they have come out looking pretty bad in the render so I’ll have to go back and redo them with a much higher polycount

Perhaps try crease (shift-e) with subsurf? There is more information about it at .