Architecture....Out in the Nowhere

I finished my first real building in Blender. As you can clearly see…i am a beginner:RocknRoll:. I would totally love your guys input. Thanks again!

No input then?..guess it must of been pretty bad:o lol

no it means people don’t like clicking on links when you could have posted the picture in here :stuck_out_tongue:

I did check it out, it looks quite good, but the grass seems too big, and the lighting could use some work. Also the textures seem pretty tiled

As for a beginner, I think you’re good! Very good, when I first read your sentence and then clicked on your link, I was pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Go go go :wink: ^^

Thanks guys for the info, next time ill post my images instead of linking them, im kinda new to the site, sorry. when you say their tiled, how did you know that I’m kinda curious, i thought they were quite seamless, any tips?

what you could do is make a bigger texture, tile those textures on it, but mix it with another bigger texture over it, so they are not all the same, or simply add another layer of texture that you scale up but is a grungemap

i dont like the buildings design/aesthetic , but you show a good grasp of the tools required to generate a building.

a few points:

  • is this a prison or a building that people are supposed to work in and be happy?
  • why is it so square ? why does it let so little light in?
  • would you object to someone putting that building right beside your house?

those points are something for me think about for my next model. i really wanted to make use of curves in the building but i couldnt find any good tutorials on how to model with curves. do u have any suggestions, or advice?

i see, that makes sense ill use that technique next time in my work, thanks

Pretty good for a beginner :wink:

Although one thing to think about in the future. Think hard about the scale, the grass is so big that your buildings appears to be miniatures.

JVillella, curves can be achieved in a variety of ways, and each way has it’s merits and drawbacks.
i dont think you need a tutorial to grasp how to generate curved surfaces.

make 3 cubes, space them out evenly.

  • leave the first cube at 6 faces
  • subdivide the second cube once, ( select the cube, hit w, and subdivide ) 24 faces
  • for the 3rd subdivide 2 times so you have 96 faces
    then to all of them apply a “subsurf” modifier,… behold: mess around with a plane, extrude edges in all kinds of funny angles then subsurf them, and see how the 'base’mesh responds to the subsurf modifier.

i see, that makes sense but what if i wanted to use like biezer curves or NURBS curves, lets say i was modelling a car or something. How would i get those curves around the door, and how would i make the whole door have the subtle curve to it.

bezier curves are great for defining a path/ trajectory along which to extrude a shape ( like a drainage pipe… or tentacle…)

NURBS, is a departure from polymodelling, but a great thing to master :slight_smile: a super old tutorial, which will help you : once you have the techniques down, you can probably follow NURBS tutorials written for any 3d package.

add->surface->NURBS curve, go to edit mode, extrude … and away you go :slight_smile:

realize that the control points have weights which can be controlled over in the N panel.
(to the right… inside transform menu of the 3d viewport where it says XYZW, where W stands for Weight)

where you previously added a modifier, beside it you will see a surface icon, leading to a menu with a number of options to consider.

study with really simple shapes first, like a computer mouse or a banana then a knife or something to get a grip on transitions between sharp and curved edges. once you can model something like : you’ll be able to model a car with relative ease. ( and possibly a cleaner mesh than you would get by doing it with polygon modelling…)

Thanks, i really appreciate the help. So in your airplane your working on did you use NURBS or polygon modelling…it looks very good by the way

the apache longbow (helicopter…i just never got around to completing the full rotor group) is done with polygon modelling, you can see in the wireframe pictures how the mesh is built up.

again, if you can build a model like that water-tap in the previous post using NURBS or Polygon Modelling, then you already have the skills needed to do more complicated shapes. From that point on the only thing standing between you and rocking models is commitment :slight_smile:

my only tip is: learn the keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile: you will become a whirlwind at this stuff.

thanks, i really appreciate the tips