Architecture project (runtime)


I have posted a message to the specific game engine section but here I can include images.

I want to add interactivity to my interior scene but I am having difficulty with the game engine. I’m pretty sure that I know the basics of the game engine and have set up the scene appropriately but the results are not as expected. When running, the game engine rotates only part of the scene (circled in red) without keyboard input. And if I try to include any details (the figure etc. which can be seen in the attached image) Blender crashes!

I simply what to achieve basic movement of the camera (zooming etc.)

Can anybody see any glaring errors?




andrew, why don’t you try something like quicktime VR, cause the game engine is not powerful enough to display your scene. whats the deal with such a high ceiling? my latest design was 8’ high ceilings, because they bring you closer to the room. imagine sitting in one of your couches in your scene. just seems a little extreme to me.

I know Quicktime could do it but unfortunately this must be delivered as a Blender file.

In relation to the exterior of the building, this ceiling height would not be far wrong. I agree that it does look excessive but I can fix that easy enough should I decide to.

Its very easy!

You dont have to interact with the camera like you did.
delete all sensors there!

then create a object that you will make " an actor" and “dynamic”.
Attach the camera to it with control p.

so you will use keyoibard to move the actor, and the camera will follow him>> result is like you are the camrea moving.

I see what you mean in theory, but how do I make the object “dynamic”?

Nevermind… already suggested earlier

create a thing like a square.

just go into the “pacman option” (f4) and press “actor” then “dynamic”.

the result will be this cube will be dynamic and respect the gravity and everything.

So if you press P and the cube was in the air, it will drop until it touches a surface!

I am not sure it is the best way to do it but I did it and it works fine…
I dont have any script for the mouse controls thought…
I used the wheel up and wheel down to see form up and down, and the keyboard left right to turn left and turn right…