Architecture: Serene House

Here is an architectural project I’m working on for school. Not sure if final name will be Serene House, though. I tried to implement some Japanese ideas in a Canadian climate. I’m using Blend2Pov.


nice work… very clean modeling

but too many windows for my taste

That’s pretty cool.
I want to see how this turns out.

Little update.This is due on Thursday, so there may be a lot of updates in rapid succession.


It’s a very nice little model. Unless you have some more specific attributes that must be in there to meet the assignment’s requirements, I’d suggest that you wrap-up the modeling and set a few more lights. Make sure that each part of the structure is clearly visible. I wouldn’t use depth-of-field effects at all.

man, why dyou need so many small windows?? A few less will probably look much better

Another Update. The reason the guesthouse has so many windows is because I am trying to draw allusions to the building next to it and also because the Japanese architecture I am trying to emulate is completely open-air (the roof is often held up by merely pillars, not conventional walls). But you’re right, Yoeri, I should take a few of the windows out.

QUESTION: I think the black smudging around the windows is caused by radiosity, so how can I smooth it out?