Architecture test

A quick test of lighting for architecture. Very simple setup, with ambient occlusion set for a background texture.

looks good to me. maybe some crits:
ambient area is too dark.
i like your stone/conrete texture from it’s feeling but you should try to define a segmentation of the texture. real stone facades are structured in a grid and concrete is structured through the working process of the planes build up to fill in the liquid concrete. hope you understand what i mean :wink: beside the light and sky mood is great and i like the water too.

Almpst photoreal if you ask me, but one question, is the jagged dark reflections on the top of the sculpture supposed to be there?

No, only saw that by time render was over, related to autosmooth angle setting on that mesh. Loooong render time… :slight_smile:

Lighting looks good, I agree with Kansas_15, it looks almost realistic…except that the wall texture is not seamless…keep it up!

My album’s down on Photobucket, should be online soon… :expressionless:

GOOD, it’s GOOOD :smiley:

make more samples in AO (to make less noise)
give dark aera more light to make it brighter

maybe texture is too expanded