Architecture - the problem of fireflies

Hi everyone,
About half year ago i created an interior render. It was really noisy i rendered it with 5000 samples, clamp indirect settings and without coustics. Recently Blender come up with Lightning Portals. I’ve been trying to use it but nothing changed. i’ve watched few tutorials but probably i make something wrong. Can You help me to ged rid of noise? I attached the render and the lightning set up.
Thanks in advance


I saw a tip somewhere, as a post processing method, instead of using complex node setups in the compositor, just use the “Hot Pixel Eliminator”. It’s made for digital cameras, but I tested it on an own render and it does a good job. It’s small and very easy to use with three buttons.

Thank You very much but i want to learn how to get rid of them in blender to see more details probably in fabric material i’ve created that i can see easly from close render. You know i can do the same using photoshop but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I mean something like that.


to get higher res you need to increase the image render size and the samples too!

for portal see tut on how to use it !

happy cl