Architecture Visualisation v-ray Blender

blender 2.64 V-ray + photoshop Cs5 + gimp2.8
abdelwedoud cheikh

render time 1h 10 mn

full resolution :

you can download the blend file LINK :smiley:

and watch my tutorial how to build the house in blender : :stuck_out_tongue:

my oage on facebook :yes:

Both look great but I prefer the first one better, since it has a much wider tonal range plus a โ€˜softerโ€™ feel.

Thereโ€™s just a disturbing aliasing issue on both. :frowning:


Nice results, though Iโ€™m not sure if Iโ€™m looking at vray or cycles or postprocessing. I was interested to know if the blender-vray workflow is working ok in Blender 2.64?
Thanks for sharing!

Nice renders, but for me the first one is the best. Maybe some plants in the scene for variation, the stairs need a bit of improvement ( texture i think), but over all, it looks very nice.

@reynante me too i like the first result i agree with you need some plant and tweeking ,thaks blenderhead .