Architecture Visualizations

Hi, after a ouple of failed architecture visualizations, I finally made a scene out of my own.All the models and the assets are hand modelled. No assets were imported. I think I just lost a month making this scene. I can’t say its perfect but its a pretty good start. Please comment and critique all you want.
I’ll be posting more Archviz on this post so, if you want to keep seeing things like this so do follow.

Here is the result. The denoiser helped a lot. Have to say Blender is GREAT.

Ok, This render is from a very old course. I think people from that time can figure it out. But, anyway it still stands out.


i realy like the one window light setup you created, gives just the wright amount of light and shadow to not require additional lightning, at least for my taste

It is a realy good start, very nice lighting and materials. Maybe try next time to focus on scale and details, f.ex. Window frame, chair, because when you look close on this picture it shows that lack of details and gives such an impression as if the room was small, like a model or dollhouse. But overall it is realy nice scene.

Yeah i know I didnt use any kind of reference. All the things just came out of my mind.
actually always keep the scale in mind, but I , don’t know why, forgot this time. The next render will be good.

Thanks for all. I really appreciate it.

Yeah, i know, additional lighting doesn’t create that kind of effect. ilike it too.

Check this out. Its according to scale and a lot better

Nothing seems to be disproportionate, I’m guessing you’ve developed an eye for modeling, and don’t need to measure things.

Awesome renders. If i am not mistaken, the bottom render is from Guru’s Architecture Academy course.
Please post more…

YOU ARE RIGHT! It actually is from Arch AC. Just updated using some new features. I will hopfully post more. So stay Notified