Architecture VR project for UE4.

Hello all,

I’m looking to hire some artists to help out on a project I’m working on in UE4 with VR.

I can supply you with ArchiCAD files in any format you wish, or PDF files of the floor plan.

I need the home to be send to me as .fbx so that I can dress it up and add in the VR component in UE4. Please use the Unreal/FBX tools so that I don’t have to setup collision :slight_smile:

So I need walls, floors, baseboards + door trim, ceiling, washing machine and dryer, one tub/shower combo unit and one walk in shower (nothing fancy) I also need the floors to have separation on the stairs, main floor, upstairs and all bathrooms.

The model is a 1500 sq ft duplex (left side only) Upstairs is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, main floor is a living room, kitchen, pantry, living room, foyer and garage door area.

My goal is to have a final product that is photo-realistic. Essentially, I want a really pretty empty house!

Looking for a quick turn around and developing a go-to list of people for future projects.



I am interested. You can check my artstation portfolio, there is one project made in ue4. You can also check my latest thread. I am working on a scene in blender (my own models) that in the future I would like to import to ue4.

Link to ue4 project,
Link to my own models,
[email protected]