architecture WIP


Hi Unity fan :slight_smile: great work, can I suggest you to add Grass to your scene? You can use Grass Free :wink:

I noticed that the grass is casting a green reflection on the structure in some places, like the underside of the roof. In real life, grass wouldn’t cast green reflections on white buildings. You could use a Light Paths node to fix this by changing the reflection rays bouncing off the grass to a more neutral (or possibly light bluish) color.

It is a very cool image and I like it, but for real life it doesn’t seem quite structurally sound… It looks like glass panels are supporting most of the roof weight. Not that it matters for a fantasy CG building! :smiley: Maybe the image represents a building on a low-gravity planet. But on Planet Earth, I think it would need a few load-bearing columns to be up to code. :stuck_out_tongue: Still, it works if you are going for a totally surreal image.

Thank You for constructive advice. I was trying to make realistic scene, “flying” ceiling does looks lame, but whole thing took about an hour to make (4x time faster on timelapse). it is still very early stage

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