ArchiVision Walk through
(20mb 3.5 min)

I’ve been working on this for the last month or so. I’m getting a good maketing package together for a client here in Colorado. Looking to get some good comments on how you feel about the project. I’m looking to improve any or all aspects from modeling/lighting to materials/post production to online compression quality.

I’ve used blender for most of everthing except for post production in premiere.

Thanks ahead of time for your comments & criticism

The soundtrack is a song called “A saucy Jig” by Justin King


A very nice presentation for your client. I have a few comments though

  1. The sky really bothers me. It seems to move with the camera (I am sure it does if its the default world etc.) Try with a dome with the cloud texture. or the Real button enable (I am not sure of this one though)

2)The presentation and walkthrough is great. IT really brings the viewer a good idea of what it will look like. The car fly by makes it feel alive

3)when you rotate the houses: Changing the color during it is great but try not to make the house green like the background.

Nice work!

Spotted what looks like some z-fighting on the chimney of “the graden” when it’s doing it’s little rotate thing.

I would do something about the sky as well, clouds not moving with the background is a bit disconcerting.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Ya I was def supprised by the clouds moving with the camera. Wasn’t expecting that to happen. Glad you enjoyed it and your feedback helps a bundle.

Anyone else out there know the best setting to keep the clouds from moving with the camera. Is building a dome the best solution?