Archiviz - Bathroom Training

Bathroom render based on render I found online.
Still have issues with glass shader. I’m not sure how make it in proper way, and I don’t understand glass properies. But I pretty happy about it.

I would love to hear some opinions :slight_smile: thanks!

Based on:


I like your choice of materials better than the original render.

I think some subtle imperfections in the materials would push this render to another level.
I’d also suggest not rotating your camera on the x and y axis (verticals should stay vertical - that way the render will look better because of the much better composition).
If you’re struggling with the glass shader, I suggest using one of the many from (they’re completely free)
Also, imeshh on YouTube made a detailed tutorial on glass in archviz.
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I think that right now you have a perfectly satisfactory render. (There is an “opaque shadow area” to the left of the toilet.) The texture of the tile wall is particularly effective, with the light reflections. It shows you exactly what this bathroom would look like, and I consider that there’s really nothing more to be done to “improve” it. You wanted “architectural visualization,” and you got it. “Call it good.” :+1: