ArchiViz - Compositing advices


I present you a project which I realized with the objective to add an architectural render to my portfolio.

The design of the house is inspired by a house of my city. Thus it is not a creation from me, but rather a reproduction in 3D. Here is a photo of this house to give you an idea:

My objective is to present this product like a architectural render, for my training.

So, I would like to have some feedback on the scene, and the compositing.
Does the background seem to you coherent ? It is photos of trees and the HDRI used for the lighting.
Do you add the vignette effect on this type of render ?
Every other constructive remarks interest me !

Thank you.

hey nice start!
the model itself looks good.
but the scene it way to much overlightened.

Thank you for your comment.

It is the opportunity to ask a question about the light :
How do we judge that an image is too bright ?
Is it a simple artistic perception, or is there a technique (value of the pixel, or anything like that …) ?
If you have some documentation on this topic, I am interested.

I believe it’s less the actual light and more the lack of saturation. Your colors are quite a bit washed out, and it makes it hard to focus on what you want us to look at.