archiViz demo

Hi !

Here is my latest work done with a friend.

It’s an architectur visualization demo movie.
The images are rendered with Yafaray!

The video in .mp4:

You can also see it on my website in a flash player:

wow thats great. how did you do the beginning part where its being built? and how do you get the window to be so bright and glowing?

Hey Bardos! For the beginning, are you talking about the rendering? the animation?

For the bright effect, I’m using a large area light in front of the window:

And some post compositing effects. You can already have nice contrasts only with a Level…

Really nice. I also would like to know how you built up the structure at the beginning.

With yafaray how long did that take to render?

For the beginning, I have split the building into small objects and I have animated the scale value one by one. It gave you better controls on the timing of the animation. And it don’t takes that much time…

The render time with yafaray where between 5 to 12 min by frame on a Q6600 with ubuntu 64.

really nice work!.

could you share your render settings?

Its really nice, great… feels good the way the music combines with camera movement, colours…
Lots of work… Could you tell me how much time this project took??



use 8 samples for the sun light and 16 for an area light.

I don’t remember excatly… Between 10 and 15 days I think.
It’s was my first archi render and I had to put everything in place. If I had to do it again, 5 days would be enough.

i really love it:)

if you have time a tutorial on how you did the first say 30seconds would be appreciated, especially the building piece by piece and the sizes :slight_smile:

thanks you, and well done!!! :slight_smile:

This is really nice work. A minor note: I’m not sure if the color channel separation effects are really adding anything to the video. Otherwise, it looks top-notch.

Great Job. I especially like the modern look.


I know :wink: We already remove some of the color split fx between this version and the first one. We wanted to give a trash style following the music. But you are right, it’s a bit too much.

It’s really basic.

-1. When you have modeled your object, split (press Y key in Editmode) every pieces you want to grow.

-2. Now, you have to change the pivot point for every objects. Like this, you can make it scale in the direction you want.
To assign a new pivot point, select one of the vertex of the object in Editmode, press Shit+S then “Cursor ->Selection”. Go in Object Mode and press the spacebar “Transform”, “Center Cursor”.

-3. The objects are ready to be animated.
Go to the frame 5, select every objects and press I key and select the “Scale” attribute.
Go to the frame 1 and press S then an axe (Y,X or Z) and press 0. Don’t forget to put a keyframe by press I and select “Scale”!
For a more random style animation, it’s best to scale the objects in different axes. Not all in X, Y or Z…

-4. The last step! Now that you have 2 keyframes for every object, you have to change there position in the NLA Editor. Just move them around and find the timing you want.

This is just one way to do it! ie, you don’t have to put keyframes for every object at the same time. You can take more time and animate the objects one by one.


I think in most cases effects like the ones you’re using are unnecessary, but because of the style of the music (and the editing coordinated with that) I think they do add to the piece. I really like it. No major criticism.

hi ron7

Nice images. I believe that the arealight you put outside can be closer to the windows and smaller so photons are not lost, and the flow is more concentrated. With big photon counts is better decreasing a bit Radius and Search, so you profit from the more denser photon map to get sharper renders.

There is no shadows flickering, but I have observed in your work and also in other people’s work that there is a bit of glossy reflection flickering, can you tell me if ‘as diffuse’ was enabled in your glossy shaders?

Gamma output and gamma input should be equal, depending on your OS (Windows 2.2, Linux/Mac 1.8)

This is top notch - did you do all of the asset modeling too? Or are some of them stock models (ie from turbosquid et al)? two weeks is pretty good timing too. I’m working on practicing up my arch-viz stuff… it’s been almost two years.

@Alvaro: Hey Alvaro! Really nice to see you on this thread. I really like the work you’re doing for Yafaray!
I have tried to put 3 smaller arealights just in front of the window(s) but I had some troubles to find good white balance in this area of the render… A big one with a bit of distance worked better here.
For the Radius/Search, I had to push them to a high value to avoid flickering in the glossy surfaces. Maybe I can reduce them but I think that it will add more flickering.
The “As Diffuse” is enabled.

@dschnell289: I have modeled some stuffs like the books, the table, the glasses, the TV, the bed,… But I also took lots of time to find furniture on websites like this one:
2 years! Do you have good stuffs to show?
I began to do more realistics stuffs when the guys from the post prod studios ask me to do some stuffs like this:

There where done with BI but I hope to see Yafaray more integrated in Blender in the futur to do more advanced render.

I meant it’s been almost 2 years since I did any arch-viz stuff. Thanks for showing me the e-interiors site - great resource.
a few of the arch renders I’ve done in the past is available here: (Though not done personally; while working for another company).

how did you setup the lights?

Did you mainly use world-light and outside area lights
or also lights inside?

I used “Use Background” for the sky light, a sun light an area light in front of the windows. No additionnal lights inside inside the building.

wow - very nice work