ArchiViz. If I'm not crying, you're not honest enough.

I want to hear the truth, actually, I don’t want to read not even single one positive feedback. Tell me what’s wrong whit this render. Bring it on!

This is the latest edit. I changed clouds saturation a bit.
But regardless of that, the interior looks fake to me. And there is a LOT of grass… like a grass sea or maybe ocean? :smiley:

These are fair point that even a 7 year old can pick up

  • What time is it? I mean seriously, I can see it is going to gey darker but the lighting ON the house is making it look like a cloud cover on a partially sunny day, and most of all, where is the light coming from on the bottom of the house.
  • The texturing of the house looks very dull, this is due to the lack of a bit randomness in the wood alignment.
  • The HDRi you used, as I said, doesn’t go with the lighting of the the scenery.

So this are some points that may guide you on correcting them.

  • While making a 3D model of any kind, don’t make it using common sense only, but following the steps you would follow if you were told to actually make it in the physical world. Of course you may ignore the parts that you won’t need, then and only then will you admire the beauty of CGArt.
  • There is a difference between “light” and “lighting”, so when you light up a scene, don’t try to add light, add lighting to it. So lighting is made of, the sun, the clouds, the atmosphere, the earth’s refection, water(if any), and artificial lighting. So when considering lighting put all of those in consideration.
  • And most of all, add some story to your scenery, some easter eggs, a bit of artistic flavour. To break that down, once you made your scene and rendered it, what you are doing is making a house just to take a photograph of it, so live in that house. Maybe one day you will break the glass on one window, the wood will start aging, the metalls will rust, the grass will look stamped on, the trees will age. All this will guid you to photorealism, and one hell of a ride.

Don’t disappoint me, make a new scene with all of these into consideration an wow us.

I like your attitude. (Oh wait, that was positive feedback…sorry). Here is my 2 cents:

  1. I like the darkness of the scene, but the sky appears to be a daytime image/HDR. I would make the sky look like late evening/dusk or even full-blown night time.
  2. Foreground leaves appear to be too in-focus. I would adjust the focal point, unless the foreground bike is the main focus, which brings me to my next point…
  3. Whats up with the bike? If it is there to tell a story, I’m missing what the story is. I feel like the bike is an afterthought just to add an extra element to the scene. If it is not needed, I would get rid of it because it is distracting if the house is the main focus.
  4. Composition: tree branches/dark leaves in upper left are too “heavy” feeling. Maybe reduce the density.
  5. Grass looks too flat, especially the closer it gets to the house. Add some more bump, displacement, or sculp the ground plane a bit to add variation.
  6. The edge where landscape meets the house is a razor-sharp edge and looks very unrealistic. Typically there would be some foundation planting around the edge. At least photoshop some grass in front so the bottom edge is broken up a bit.
  7. Add a little bit of lighting to the interior space on the left…I almost didn’t notice there were windows…the reflection makes the glass blend into the landscape.
  8. Most importantly, what are we looking at? Appears to be a path leading to a blank wall. I am much more interested to see into the glass windows on the other side of the house. There is an inviting glow and I want to see inside, but instead of creating a sense of mystery, I am just frustrated that I can’t see the most interesting part of the structure.

I hope to see an update soon! Cheers.

Bicycle island in the grass sea is weird.

Do children live here? Children with vintage bicycles in their million dollar bespoke home? Why would an adult leave their bike in the grass like that? Did they carry it there? There are no tire marks in the grass…

The wood slats are very samey, but they don’t seem to be densely stained or finished. maybe add a bit more gloss to the slats to make it look like there is a clearcoat/stain finish.

The lights on the path are too bright and are blowing out the grass. They also seem a little too pure white.

there are some time of day issues, as discussed above. If it were me, I’d commit to a night time render, with a full moon casting some cool shadows through the trees in the foreground. Maybe it’s Halloween and the bike belongs to a trick or treater.

if you can post the reference photo of the house it will be easier to compare & crit.

It is an Archviz… remove this bycicles… with a night style we can imagine the kids is locked inside.

The stone look wet, as it have rain… decrease the glossiness of the stone textures.

The entry door, this part need a bit of work.

I know that I said you need to be honest with me, but this, this is too much! Why are you so cruel?!?! Just kidding guys :smiley:
Thanks so much for the feedback, I’ll take time to summarize them all and then - back to the drawing board!

  1. Grass is too uniform and consists of way too thin strands. It needs more variation. Try using texture to control the length of the particles. Add more weeds to it (there was a great free addon that should do the job: “Grass Free” I think).
  2. Leaves in the foreground look fake. Very fake. You don’t have to model entire trees but look at how real life twigs are made and try to recreate them. Then, distribute them on a tree/bush model.
  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like that path is leading us to nowhere as I can see no door or window and the end of it. My eyes feel deceived and that’s quite annoying.
  4. Too clean walls. Add some grunge and leaks at the top and bottom.
  5. Blue hour. That’s what you wanted and failed to achieve. Time of the day when you can see both exterior and interior. And you used wrong sky for that. I think that the evening one you get from demo of Pro-Lighting skies could be just right.
  6. Too little visual interest in the walls. Add some little plants near the walls because currently it looks pretty boring.
  7. Background is blurry. It shouldn’t be.
  8. If you are not crying yet… yo mama’s… Or never mind :wink:
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