ArchiViz in Blender

First architectural visualization of mine here. Finally I convinced my boss to make viz in blender. Modeling in Archicad transport to blender through obj. (import still not perfect). Flyaround and rendering Blender.

Rendering here


You can download flyaround here (XviD)
low quality

higher quality



Very nice, everything seems to be smoothly modeled.

Absolutely stunning, inspiring work :o

edit: I’d want a house like that :stuck_out_tongue:

wow really nice.

only crit i have is the second part of the animation, the house becomes model like, rather than life like, mainly to do with the viewsrs perspective of the house. (being way above the ground rather than 1.7m aboce the ground)

but within the field of arcitectural vis, it is very good and inline with most other.



Professional work. Excellent job.

Great stuff!

I wouldn’t want to live there alone, just because I’m not the type of person who likes to keep a lot of material stuff to himself, but that would be a great place for community living!

YEAH! Thats the stuff! Extremely good work.

My one and only crit is that the background looks out of place. Maybe make some low detail trees, and add them to a hill then add focal blur.

Would really like to see a night render of that. And if you do, make the house have those lights that stick out of the grass and are shine a low dim blue light. :smiley:

That would look cool.

Very good work and nice house !!

May be the textures are too repetitive for the image, but it’s not visible on the animation so, great stuff !!


Only one detail: On the high res version, it seemed that there a plate over the slope, by the parking lot.
Other than that, it’s excellent.

Oh man…I want a house like that… :o
EXCELLENT work, cyb…that is one GOOD-LOOKING house. :smiley:

Nice architectural work and a beautiful visualisation.

I agree about the background, especially the water, which makes the house look tilted. And in the animation the trees seem to be reflecting the environment. But I think that these are minor issues ;).

Actually trees don’t reflect enviroment but I think it is sime kind of bug. I made trees material a little transparent, but … insted of being transparent i makes tree some kind of xray board, and you can see enviroment behind building. I will probably fix it later, together with other problems I’ve found.
About tilted background. My fault I used for still the same background like in animation while I should use regular photo instead of panoramic one. I know that during animation background dot’t look perfectly, but belivme it is not so easy. I made a looooot of experiments. But because I was taking pictures to make panoramic photos (thanks for all Hugin developers) from one point, while animation camera is rotating around that point from some distance you can see inperfection. Larger building more you can see it. If anyone know how to avoid it I’m all ears. Please no comments like make rail arond future hose beacouse it is enormosly expensive.
Thank you for all comments.


I stumbled on the tilted background looking at the still image, I think it’s not that obvious in the animation (but maybe it’s just me ;)).

New desktop for me, the colors are just downright pleasant to look at :slight_smile: