ArchiViz Tutorial ITA with SUB

Some time ago, taking advantage of the Lockdown period, I made available on my YouTube channel a series of video tutorials related to Archiviz.
Being in Italian I received several requests to be able to insert English subtitles.
It wasn’t easy, but after a long time to transcribe and correct I managed to do it.
It is a basic tutorial, for beginners, for those who still have a small Blender base.
I share it now with you hoping to do something pleasing.
I apologize in advance for any errors.
Many users have pointed out some errors to me but I never had the time to get back to updating everything.

To access the subtitles just go to the Gear icon and activate the Automatic Translation based on the language.
It does NOT work on mobile devices.

For any questions I am available.


Maybe you can use something like that.

I, know that such tutorials / videos often sound… unusual, but if you use voice of Yoda or Thulsa Doom this can be very interesting experience :grin:
Seriously, I do not know are such software free / cheep and how much hassle is to use it. But you can try.