ArchoPlanet - Architectural project for urban visualisation and analysis

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ArchoPlanet is based on:
Blender - 3D modelling tool - cartographic data
NASA SRTM - topographic data

ArchoPlanet allows you to view map data and landscape in 3D

Buildings, roads and other objects are viewed depending on their parameters
More urban analysis and other features are to be implemented in the future
You can use data from ArchoPlanet to insert your own new objects into existing environment

this looks great…

i notice that on your first two screenshots, the render engine being used is different. The top one is on cycles and the second one is using Blender game engine. Are materials generated for both Blender Internal and Cycles, or do you have to add materials yourself?

I like it !
ArchoPlanet is based on:
Blender - 3D modelling tool - cartographic data
NASA SRTM - topographic data

is the maximum …
… waiting for a windows end-user … im a human too

Very cool. It’s great to see Blender used in all sorts of different ways. What’s the motivation behind this project? Are you in the GIS industry? It looks like it would make a nifty visualization/analysis tool.

Game Engine is shown because historically I tried to use it in ArchoPlanet, but then focused on other things and removed it. But materials are still configured for Blender Game and Internal, though I use Cycles for rendering always anyway. It is in my plans to implement game engine user-friendly GUI into ArchoPlanet, so it will be like Google Earth, but with open data and code.

I am a student of Faculty of Architecture at Irkutsk State Technical University. I use ArchoPlanet in architectural projects for my current half-time job as well. I develop ArchoPlanet so me and other people can quickly make 3D models of urban environment and use it in their own new projects. Analysis features also will be presented. Now without any advanced tools it takes hours, days and month to do less job ArchoPlanet can do in several minutes. And, sadly, almost nobody knows about Openstreetmap and NASA SRTM landscape.