Archo's Sketchbook

we can post less polished stuff in here, yes?

did this giraffe a few months back




I just really like making lowpoly animals idk what to tell you. they’re neat!

I made this one for Halloween last year! For reference, I started using Blender in the summer as a newcomer to 3d modeling

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clay renders and an environment shot from my first post in Finished Artwork.

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I made these renders as visual aides for specific story beats in my homebrew D&D campaign. My group played again last night after a long hiatus, and as the DM I wanted to do something special for it!

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Another two lowpoly visuals from another D&D night. This is the corrupted monstrous form, and then the original form, of a great fairy of legend. I used these projects to learn texture painting (if that isn’t obvious lol).

WIP of the next lowpoly I’m working on. it’s a friend’s OC

assorted bees for a bee-related game project