Archs [2nd update]

(Dittohead) #1

Archs, tell me what you think.

added time change, and changed the angle of the both images.

Both are 24 mm lens.

as always:
comments and complaints welcome!!!

(Bense) #2

Great scene but a little bit empty

(Dittohead) #3

maybe it needs a statue, or something in the middle.

(blengine) #4

very neat looking! i like the 24 mm lense better, more depth =) id love to see some stuff in this scene, like bense said, its a bit empty

(BMD) #5

Very cool, but your things inside the archs aren’t casting shadows… is that what you want?


(Dittohead) #6

i don’t know why it’s not casting shadows, it’s weird. :-? :-?

(Riskbreaker) #7

maybe you got those interior objects in another layer and the lamps have the layer only option on…maybe?

Oh and yeah, the 24mm looks better :slight_smile:
Cool pics :slight_smile:

(Dittohead) #8

same layer.

maybe it’s because i took 1 object from scene 1 and brought it into scene 2, buy making a cube and selecting another object in editbuttons. :-?