Archviz Assets - new to 3d...

Hi Guys, I am new to 3d. I briefly played with 3ds max 15 years ago as a teenager, nothing serious. I found out about blender a week ago, I did heavy crush course and here is my first model. I decide to start creating assets for archviz interior. Here is the model of the palm plant in studio lighting setup. I am thinking to play a bit with the proportions of the pot something doesn’t look right. Another thing I am concern about is leaf texture… I used texture which was lighted by sun in places and looks off. I am going to change that and probably ad translucency to the greenery material. Scary but sharing my first model, any comments are welcome.

Good job, it looks very nice! Are you going to share or sell your models?

Thank you maraCZ. To be honest I wasn’t considering any of those options yet. Like I said I am just getting in to a 3d world. I would say time will tell. I will definitely share some good ones if there is enough interest. It will be a nice way to give back to the community, I really appreciate Blender being free, it is amazing piece of software :smiley:

By the way I love renders on your website !!

Hi everyone, I have an update on my plant project. I want to share my last render. I adjusted proportions, materials and made scene more intresting. There is still few bits I am not satisfied with :wink: