Archviz creatives, I am Looking for your opinion, critic


Not long time ago I have did my first floor and wall render as a prelude to my first scene. First of all I had to model my sofa which took a while to get things right after a week of trial and error I managed to finish it. Fast forward I bought a few assets and decided to go ahead. Creatives, I am looking for your opinion , critic , suggestions.



That’s awesome. If you’re looking for Ultra critical feedback:
The picture frames are hanging straight up and down. Most noticeable on the zebra, the bottom should end up closer to the wall.
The table on the left appears to be going through or over the lamp cord, which also looks awfully close to that baseboard.
Is there usually water in vases with eplants of that type? I would think no. But that table it is sitting on appears to be going through the ground.
The window light is catching just a Tiny bit of the bottom of the couch which makes it appear like something odd is going on there.
The edges of the coffee table seem a bit too sharp.
Is that rendered depth of field? Something seems wrong about it. It looks good on the front of the chair. But then I expect less in the left bottom corner of the image. Lots of time DOF is right, and just looks wrong though, . It just kind of loks like you added some blurring at the edges in post or something.
Are the walls two different colors? Even if it isn’t the corner being perfectly straight is a dead giveaway this is a render. Same with the trim on the floor. There should be a tiny gap between the trim and the floor, which likely isn’t Perfectly even.

That is being SUPER critical. Like, I was finding everything I possibly could that I didn’t love.
It’s a bit noisy for my taste as well, but interior with all natural light, it takes a pretty amazing camera to have no noise as well. So that’s probably ok.

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Thanks a lot for taking time to look into my work.
In regards to eplant I don’t really know how archviz tend to do it but I personally get tree twigs before the buds blossom get in the vase and add some water to keep them alive.

Spot on “Tiny bit of the bottom of the couch” it was in post I darkened to hide some mistake I have done while working with mirror modifier!

That blur was also added in post. I guess you are right from chair forward it kind of gets wrong.
In short I am just going over step by step and fixing things up.
I just noticed that bit of the far wall was about a feet away from the skirting board. Now I brought it back and it looks way better. Oddly skirting board of the same wall looks too dark although materials look OK.

I know noise is little too much when looking from close. I was a little hesitant to use denoiser since it’s very aggressive and ads to rendering times ( I think so) . What would be your suggested in Blender solution ?


denoising adds seconds. It is definitely worth looking in to. It works with DOF too, so you might be able to play with that.

Also you can do DOF in post in a better way. Render out a depth map of your scene. You can put that in one of the channels slots and use Lens Blur in photoshop, choosing that mask. It will look much more realistic. Right now it just looks like you’ve got vaseline on your lens or something. Something that used to be done for portraits, but not so much anymore.

Regarding the water. Well, if those are real plants, perhaps the water is just too clear then. Most people I see that have that kind of setup, the plan is no longer living. Or is just straight up fake. So more common is sand, marbles, dirt and moss, or rocks. But like I said, I was looking for things that seemed to either give it away as a render, or seemed out of place.

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Indeed I completely forgot that Optix denoising is very efficient and quiet unintrusive.
I haven’t tried to render depth map yet as you suggested but I did DOF in Blender which worked fine for the first time. What I did is created empty axis which serves as an object to focus on which I can move around to adjust dof to my likening. I have screen shot of it too.

I have also made some adjustments. Strangely lamp legs do not cast the shadow. And I left cable for know but kept in mind it.

I noticed this before, but it is only now bothering me. The table legs cast quite a bit of shadow against the couch, but nothing on the rug. Why can’t you see shadow on the rug? Seems like if the shadow is that crisp on the couch, it should be even more crisp at the base of the legs.
My guess is because of how the shader is built. Maybe the displacement/bump is disrupting the shadow too much?