Archviz - Dolomites House interior

Hey guys,
Back to boring interiors.
This was very heavily inspired by JMA Architect’s Dolomites House, with only a few liberties taken.
I should also mention, as a source of inspiration, hcpiter666’s version of the same home, which you can see here.
As always, everything modelled in Blender and rendered in Vray using Andrey’s wonderful export script.
C&Cs much welcome.


… two more shots.


AMAZING! Simply amazing… I’m no words! Congratulations!

What type of lighting wouldbe used for a room like this? I’m not talking about the render, i mean if this were real, what lights would keep everything so bright because i have doubts that in reality it would be so well illuminated.

Fantastic renders btw, just what ive come to expect so im a little complacent about it all. :wink:

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the comments.

Animal: The daylight pics only have natural light (if you discount the small lights under the recesses, which don’t contribute to the illumination). In this case, it’s mainly a Vray Sun and a low-res black-and-white HDR map (I didn’t want the blue colour that comes with the Sun-Sky system).
I guess the best way to answer your question is to approach it the way a photographer would, which is basically to say that you can illuminate a whole room with a candle if you wanted to - you just need the right camera setting. In this case, I had to use a very wide aperture (2.5) and a slow shutter speed (0.25 seconds) to ensure that enough light was propagating deep into the room. I also wanted a wintery/overcast feel, so I reduced the power of the sun to the minimum (this means no burnt-out areas where the sun casts direct light) and gave the sun a much bigger size than the default to obtain the softer shadow of sunlight going through a thin layer of clouds.

congratulations ! just beautiful ! :slight_smile:

Those are amazing.
About the last one, is the DOF postpro?

Excellent work as usual, great modeling and texturing and lighting.

One small crit though, the chair legs at the table seem to be lacking something… They just don’t look like they’re really on the floor. My first thought is lack of a proper shadow, but I dunno, there IS a shadow there, it just doesn’t seem strong enough.

Hobo: Cheers man. There is a shadow, but because the sun’s power is so low and the HDR so powerful, it’s a bit washed out. But you can see a short, denser shadow at the bottom of the table leg on the chair close-up if you look closely.

intel: Both, is the answer. There’s Vray DOF (with physical cam), and a second, very subtle, post-prod DOF pass to get rid of the grain.

heh, I agree with what has been said above, also I want to submit that while I see your point about “boring archviz,” from your other work it does seem like you would rather being doing films, highend Anime etc…I do like seeing these tho and they give me a lot of ideas.

I like simple complexity of the interlaced metal rods under the chairs.

My personal favorite is the textures on the pots in the very last image you posted.

Also for some reason the very last image of the first set, the one with the lighting turned on seems to have the most “sense of place” to me, its “warm” even.

Thanks for sharing BbB :slight_smile:

And thanks for your kind words man. Much appreciated.
In truth, I’d rather be doing this stuff… tho I can see it is very limiting.

Boring? It’s absolutely stunning BbB! So photorealistic.

Can I ask approximately how much time you would spend on a project like this?


absolutely amazing!

Can I ask approximately how much time you would spend on a project like this?

am interested, too…

Very very very good )

Andrey: And thank you for this great script man! It’s getting better all the time!

Garuhhh, Cuby: I did this one over the weekend. This doesn’t include the furniture, which I did little by little in the past couple of weeks. Only the sofa and bar stool were done specifically for this piece. I also re-used some older fixtures for the kitchen (tap, oven, stove…). Setting up the light was the longest and more difficult bit. I don’t count the rendering time in this. That can also take a while at 3000pixel wide :wink:

I saw you work included in this months 3D World magazine; congratualtions! In the article, you said you have been doing this as a hobby, and for only two years. I’m impressed. What do you do for a living?

Great renders in this thread as well.

wow! am really impressed… you could do such work in a short span of time…

Garuhhh: As I said, there’s quite a bit of recycling going on. And modelling the space itself is not very much work. As for the furniture, I’m constantly modelling new stuff so I can reach back and grab pieces from what is now becoming quite a large pool of stuff.

Steven: That’s the first time I hear this. Are you sure it’s this month’s issue? And are you sure it’s me? I had one image there about a year ago, but nothing since then. Which issue are you talking about?
And regarding your question, let’s say I write for a living, which is not bad either… :slight_smile:

When I see renders like these I feel there is no justice in the world. Because, most people instead of admiring your good taste and tech skills, will immediately assume that it’s all VRay’s credit.

I never tried Vray but I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t be able to create this lovely environments if I do. Great work.

Good work, but I’m going to be a little harser than everyone else here seems to be.

The lighting is definately the best part of this image, it definately gives in the feel that you wanted to give it. The modelling as usual is superb.

Now to the criticisms – First thing I see is that I just don’t see the amazing art that you put into your other projects, all the renders (the last one is better in terms of this yet I still think it’s weak) seem like much more flat images that are typical for arch viz, I just feel that this doesn’t have the same stunning angles like you’re other ones have had in the past. The second thing comes with the lighting, I understand that you were trying to get the whites very white, but in the process I feel like the images are much more flat and almost feel more like internal renders, I think part of this is because there is mainly just black and white in the scene so the GI bounces aren’t adding a lot of variety into the scenes…like carbonflux said I like the two with the much warmer lighting more, the others just aren’t as interesting to look at, its something hard to put to words, hopefully you understand. Then in the night/evening renders I feel like the blue is to bright, it doesn’t match the lighting and its just too…intense I guess but when I look at those renders I keep finding my eyes drawn to it, maybe just a little less contrast there would help. The last big thing I see is that the house is just to uniform, I understand that you were following reference for this and you were trying to get a simple clean house, but it just doesn’t have the believeable clutter that many of your other homes have had.

Now don’t get me wrong these renders are absolutely stunning and definately are some of your best, but I just wanted to try and help you out the best I can, as you get a lot of praise but not a ton of critique (and I must say this is for a good reason because I might have been reaching a little bit for these critiques, so sorry for being so harsh).