Archviz - exterior visualization - CC welcomed

Project for client
Made in Blender + Octane
Addons: Blender Trees + GeoScatter
Is there something you would tweak?
TY in advance


Thank you for feedback on paparazzi view :slight_smile: you were suggesting that it has no clear focus point, so we decided to create an evening shot / almost blue hour shot with warm lights on and it helped a lot!

night and day comparison:


The rounded windows are odd, a usual Blender problem with refraction and smoothing. Is it modeled in Blender ?

Hi, yes it was modeled in Blender,
we had sketchup or some simple 3d model from client,
but we remodeled it to avoid bad shading or problems like that.

Hi, fantastic renders! The evening (or early morning) ones are beautiful.

I was wondering about the reasoning behind the avoidance, for lack of a better term, of shift lens camera in those renders, particularly in the close-up shots. Is it a trend now, a stylistic choice for some effect or, more to the point, what’s your take on the matter. I’m truly curious, this is in no way bad note on the renders (just in case).

As a side note, I use your asset collections daily. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Great shots my only feedback is the pool the night shot seems to be empty i guess it is the water shader, also there is like something at the edge of the pool at the first stair seems to be a gap between the models maybe ? i’m not sure

Other than that great work as always !


Very nice!

I see nothing wrong with the rounded windows… Seems fine. I think people are just not very used to seeing them, that’s all…

You have a trained eye! As it appears on both shots it is some kind of gap I think.
Thank you for noticing and also for your kind words.

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Thank you,
I do experiment a lot - these were part of first round for client to find out what he likes, we do call it ,discovery stage" where we offer several angles, also with different setting we find interesting (of course not so detailed, we do add details after they pick shots) Was it helpful?

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When working on a project for awhile a fresh set of eyes are always helpful

I fully agree! That is why I sometimes have to stop working on something for a few weeks when it comes to personal project :slight_smile: do you have it the same?

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much, Bart! I am looking forward to your picks again! :slight_smile: Have a great day!

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