ArchViz Firm needs advice

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any advice.

I work in Architectural visualization and our company is considering changing software and workflow.

Assume that we were to use Sketchup for all the actual Architectural sheets (Floorplan, Sections, Elevations), and wanted to use either Octane or Corona for rendering stills, and also need Unreal Engine 4 type walk-throughs. Would Blender fit well into this workflow to ready the model for rendering and add assets after the structure is modeled in SU? Would this same model then be usable by UE4 or would the assets change or become unusable in the switch? I’ve heard that Blender is the best way to import SU Assets into UE4.

One of my main concerns is, do I have to model the house more than once?

Another is, the UE4 walkthroughs are packed with furniture and houseware assets. Is there a render ready library that truly contains most of the things needed for a house? Is 3ds max better in this regard, or is it even possible with any system to just get the assets and pay someone and that be it?

Is 3ds max better for getting assets that are already prepared for materials? If so, is it a better solution for what I’m trying to do?

Does this sort of scenario seem plausable? All I need to produce is Architectural Sheets, UE4 Walkthroughs, and Photorealistic Stills.
I will be buying a separate workstation for this purpose, and have to nail down what I even want to do. I really like what I’ve seen of Blender, and I like that the community seems active and strong.

Thank you